First step is for a customer to send us house drawings. As much information as possible always helps to make a price calculation more precise and more detailed.

After we have received house drawings, our sales staff is going to contact You to discuss details of the house – what windows, doors, floors and other important details. You will get the price quote in approximately one week.

When both parties have agreed on specification and price of the house, a contract is concluded, where we specify all the details of the house, delivery schedule and payment terms. The contract discussions and signature takes approximately one week.

When the contract is set up, the first task which our company does is engineering. Engineering is one of the most complex task, because it includes lot of strength and static calculations and converting architecture to timber frame elements.

When the engineering project is finished, we give it to the customer for another detail confirmation. When we have the confirmation – the magic starts to happen, the house is being produced including finished cladding in factory, windows inserted, insulation and in some cases electricity tubes aswell. Production usually takes 4 – 6 weeks.

Wall elements, floor elements and roof elements usually are transported with lorries and 13,6 meter long trailers. In the territory of Latvia delivery is done in the same day, for EU and Scandinavia delivery is done in one week. Every single delivery is insured.

Before setting up the house, our assembly specialists are inspecting the foundation, so they are according to dimensions, which we have agreed. In this stage our workers are installing foundation beams on top of what the house construction will be set up.

This is the most efficient part and biggest advantage of wooden element houses. After careful engineering and calculations house assembly goes fast. In many cases we assemble the house directly from delivery trucks thus saving time and space.

After assembly we take a big care by closing the house with membranes and tapes so that the house is airtight, this is one of the most crucial parts of wooden element house. This part of the work also includes facade works, roof works, windows installation, terrace, balconies etc.

Walls from our factory are covered with gypsum boards from one side. On the day, when electricians and plumbers have finished their work, our specialists start installing gypsum boards on the remaining areas. In average it takes up to 2 weeks.

In the territory of Latvia and EU and some cases in Scandinavia we offer high quality interior works, which includes sanding, painting, floor laying etc. Our high qualified specialists do it in 2 – 3 months time.

In 3 – 6 months time after signing of the contract we are happy to hand over the keys of the great house to our valued customers and to hear good references about our job.